Volume II: Flute and Piano Composition by Daniel Carr

Flute and Piano compositions by Daniel Carr was recorded in January, 2015.  Mayumi Tayake on piano and Francois Minaux on the flute.


Audio Sample: http://danielcarr1.bandcamp.com/album/daniel-carr-volume-2-flute-and-piano

MSR Website: http://www.msrcd.com/catalog/cd/MS1579 

Volume I: Piano Solo and Vocal Composition by Daniel Carr

Solo piano works by an American composer – Daniel Carr, was recorded in 2013 and released in 2014 under MSR Classics label.

cd480   A native of Providence, Rhode Island, DANIEL CARR composes music that has been described as being undoubtedly of the 21st century. His work is highly virtuosic, yet retains the lyricism, driving rhythms and colorful harmonies which audiences delight in hearing and musicians enjoy playing.